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Meet Matilda

Singer-songwriter, Matilda Pablo, creates a warm, soft, and bright atmosphere with her acoustic covers and originals. Growing up surrounded by music, Matilda has become a seasoned and comfortable musician. From being on the stage as a singer/actor, to being behind the scenes working in the studio as an audio engineer, Matilda’s musical journey has been vast. The past two years, Matilda has shared her music across Northeast Ohio. She has performed solo gigs at local farmers' markets, wineries, and coffee shops. Matilda also has excelled at performing with other musicians. She was the frontman of a cover band, The Mashed Potatoes, who performs upbeat mashup songs. She provides a wide variety of music that all people can enjoy.  

Songwriting Matilda

Matilda Pablo started writing music during her freshman year of college, at Kent State University’s Music Technology program. She uses writing to not only express herself, but to create inspiring music that young women can relate to. Fleetwood Mac, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Carole King, and Paramore have all influenced her writing. From funk to soulful folk, Matilda can convey a variety of tones which are prevalent in these artists. When writing, Matilda often creates characters for her songs, to make it feel less about herself, and more so about an experience anyone can relate to. Currently, Matilda is working on recording her single, "Rain," at RealGrey Records in Canton, Ohio, while continuing to perform gigs across Northeast Ohio. Additionally, she helped compose an upbeat mashup song, "How to Save an Iris," (“How to Save a Life,” by The Fray, and the Scary Pockets and Lauren Elliot's cover of, “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls) that was performed at the Kent State Stark Studio Ensemble Concert. How to Save an Iris Mashup - Kent State Stark's Mashed Potatoes. 

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Performing Matilda

Matilda can light up whatever stage she is on. Providing original songs as well as iconic covers, Matilda has performed at venues all over Northeast Ohio. She has worked individually in small coffee shops, as well as with bands at larger venues such as Hartville Christmas in the Village. She also has a flair for performing, as she has participated in several musicals at the North Canton Playhouse. Being cast as leads in musicals such as Little Shop of Horrors (Urchin Crystal), Grease (Marty), and Descendants (Evie), Matilda has brought entertainment to audiences in several theatrical productions. Whichever venue Matilda performs in, she can bring an animated, energetic, and inspiring experience.

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Audio Recording & Music Production Matilda

When she is not performing or writing songs, Matilda spends her time honing her audio recording and music production skills at Kent State University. Matilda attended GlenOak High Schools' Music Production Program her Junior and Senior year, which helped her hone these skills. During her time, Matilda even helped a younger generation of artists. Plain Elementary School students wrote a Scholastic Book, “Cheeto the Talking Tiger Meets the Bear,” in which Matilda narrated, produced music, and recorded foley for the audiobook, "Cheeto the Talking Tiger Meets the Bear Audiobook." Matilda has also ran lights and sound for the North Canton Playhouse.


Matilda can provide a casual, laid-back experience to a very poised experience, as she has performed at a range of places, from an easygoing coffee shop to an upscale winery. Matilda is all about working and collaborating with others. In the future, Matilda hopes to continue to work with musicians at larger venues to provide live, upbeat experiences in front of all sorts of audiences. She hopes to work audio and sound at venues with larger audiences. Matilda eventually wants to work at a large studio to not only record her own music, but to help aspiring musicians achieve their dream. 

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